Camping in the woods as a child combined with a solid upbringing of conservation gave me a love of nature's beauty.  From that grew an interest in the names of the various species of trees and foliage along with the wildlife.

During many years of traveling from coast to coast, to Hawaii, and several years of living in Alaska, the fondness of the gorgeous landscapes that God has created led me to painting them as a hobby and giving them to family members.  My paintings depicted local landmarks for the area in which they lived such as farm lands, secluded areas in the woods, and scenes from travels.

My painting is self taught and the paintings are highly textured which brings your attention to the appearance of realism. After years of painting as a hobby I decided to enter a piece in a juried fine art exhibit to see what artistic judges and the public thought of my work. The result was that my piece won 1st place for acrylic painting. This led me to share the beauty of nature as seen from my eyes to the public. My philosophy is to "Protect and Conserve our waters and all living resources within".


Ellie U. Reichel